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OUTREACH, an association of volunteers for rural development was established in 1992 and registered under the Karnataka State Societies Registration Act 1960, in May 1993. Its registered office is in Bangalore, South India. It currently works in three southern states of Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

OUTREACH covers approximately 900 villages along with 36 NGO (Non Government Organisation) partners to whom technical and managerial support services are provided.

The main thrust of OUTREACH's work is towards community based poverty alleviation and restoration of degraded primary environments in drought regions in South India.

OUTREACH is also a leading resource and training organisation in participatory approaches. It has pioneered and developed the use and application of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) techniques in a wide range of development situations, nationally and internationally.

OUTREACH, since its establishment has been conducting developmental work through community-based organisations i.e., Self-Help Groups (SHG), Cluster Level Associations (CLA - Federation of 10-15 SHGs) and user groups. As it aims for the sustainability of the programmes, which are managed by the client community, it follows such an approach.

As of now, it has 1506 women SHGs with 22576 members / families and 94 CLAs. They have an owned fund of Rs. 45 million, raised through small weekly savings and lending activity among themselves on a service charge basis of their own. Their funds have been rotated by 2.5 times for the said purpose.

As the SHGs are able to provide only small and short-term loans to its members and are not adequately assisted with large loans by the formal financial institutions and banks for income generation activities OUTREACH has entered the Micro Finance venture and started supporting people for land based and non-land based income generation enterprises.