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Concept Development & systematic promotion of community organisations, Savings & Credit activities & the sustainability of CBOs.

Capacity building of CBOs/CBDOs/NGOs/Govt & Finance Institutions in socio-economic developmental issues & poverty reduction strategies for improving the rural economy.

Skills in using participatory methodology tools in Project Planning & budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, & Post project Management.

Implementing participatory community based projects in the areas of watershed & wasteland development, water resource management, tank rehabilitation, sustainable agriculture, (promotion of bio-organic farming & indigenous cropping patterns).

Development & promotion of Micro –Finance and comprehensive Micro entrepreneurship, especially for rural women through sustainable livelihood income generation programs.

Conducting studies, participatory evaluation and impact assessment studies of projects.

Promotions of Participatory Methodologies especially the use of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) in field application.